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Mobile App

Sprout is changing the face of superannuation by getting young Australians more engage with one of their biggest sources of wealth.

The challenge

Many young Australians are not engaged with one of the biggest sources of wealth in the life, and don't have the tools to actively manage their superannuation investment. Sprout asked us to design a mobile app that targets this demographic and gets people to interact with their future wealth, not just as a passive fund, but as an active super investor.

The process

Neap hosted multiple workshopping sessions where we leveraged the in-depth domain knowledge of the founder in the financial services industry to elaborate on the main personas that would be using the product. We delved into the current attitudes towards wealth and superannuation and used Moment Mapping to explore customer's journeys through the superannuation landscape.

After identifying ways that Sprout could do things differently, we focused on creating the optimal User Experience and used storyboards and wireframes to iterate through potential customer workflows and high-level screen designs.

The outcome

Neap was able to use the output of the UX design process to create a set of high definition mobile screens and an interactive inVision prototype that Sprout used to conduct initial market testing and demo the product to stakeholders.