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We Constantly Bootstrap
Our Own Startups

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We Want To Make Knowledge LIQUID

All great endeavours stem from the ability of individuals to come together and freely impart and absorb each others knowledge. We think that currently Startups are the most efficient and vibrant way of doing this, and that’s why we’re so passionate about bootstrapping our own projects. Our vision is to build a culture where knowledge can be readily accumulated, understood and redistributed, rather than just being available. We call this Knowledge Liquidity, and it's what we believe will empower people to propel their ideas to new heights.

Our Values To Make It Happen

Knowledge Redistribution 

Making sure that knowledge is not only acquired and absorbed, but also redistributed. Our approach focuses on facilitating actors to gain new knowledge as fast as possible, and then redistribute it by integrating everybody back into the facilitating process. To put it simply, we want everybody to continuously learn and continuously teach.

Breaking the Echo Chamber

Even as human beings become more connected, the mechanics of social media and its automatic stream of recommendations makes it more and more difficult to escape our own bubble. This causes societies to become entrenched in their own self-sustaining beliefs, and invested into recurring bad ideas. At Neap we believe that by fostering diversity in its broader sense we can exit this cycle and break free from the echo chamber.

Active Networking

To fully leverage a diverse group of people with a passion for redistributing their knowledge, Neap aims at fostering an environment that facilitates conversations, and mini ventures. We want Neapers to debate and promote their vision of the world, and encourage them to validate their future partnerships by engaging them together in mini ventures like hackathons or mentoring opportunities.

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