We're lean. We like it that way.

Made by Startup Engineers

We’ve learnt the hard way through our own projects (Sellables, Fuber, ihateit) and own startups (Quivers, PartyPie, Rewardwings). We’ve been extremely privileged to be coached by fantastic mentors, and met incredibly smart entrepreneurs throughout our journey. We feel humbled by these experiences, and that’s why we’re extremely excited to give back by passing down our knowledge.

Our Network Is Your Network

One of the most crucial aspects of getting your own startup off the ground is utilizing your network to get your foot in the door of the right channels. From bouncing back ideas, to meeting the right partners and getting access to domain expertise - we've built a vast network of peers & contacts that we want you to leverage.

Planning for the Future

We regularly meet founders with great ideas who over-invest in technology at the beginning, and under-invest when they should be accelerating to takeoff. Our team leverages commoditized tech to iterate quickly and cheaply, whilst putting your business in a great position to scale-out your infrastructure when it's truly required.

Learning Fast, Moving Fast

Being an entrepreneur is the most turbulent occupation in the world. On the one hand, failing can be very draining. On the other hand, learning is exhilirating. We're glass-half-full sort of people, that's why we've positioned Neap to learn fast rather than fail fast. Our agility is built upon our values to continuously experiment and challenge the status quo.

Meet The Folks Behind Neap

Nicolas Dao
Managing Director

What fascinates me is to figure out what people want. My biggest takeaway from the last 4 years is the big void between what people say they want, and what they actually want. As a human, engineer, product designer and entrepreneur - the quest to understand other people's motivations, goals, and drives is a big part of what inspired me to create Neap with Boris and Brendan. In our office, you’ll find me most of the time knee deep in customer development, fast prototyping, and mobile digital strategy.

Boris Berak
Technical Director

I love technology in general, and when the 3 of us decided to set up Neap, I got really pumped at the idea of working in an environment where we have to constantly learn in order help bring our clients' visions to fruition. Allocating a portion of our time to Neap Labs is also something I couldn’t be more excited about. The Lab is where we have the opportunity to tinker and explore the cutting-edge stuff, not only from a tech point of view, but from all aspects of growing a startup.

Brendan Johnson
Design Director

My personal thrill is to find unorthodox approaches to business problems and transform the way the user interacts with the product. Our clients are not looking for the status quo, they’re looking to change the world, and being able to dive into the unknown is massively rewarding. On the side I love learning new languages and I can speak and write Chinese so I’m always interested in projects that target this market.

We're a proud member of the Aeona Community

Aeona (pronounced Ay-o-na) is a co-working space for entrepreneurs and start-up businesses in Sydney, Australia. Aeona’s mission is to simplify the process of starting and running a business while doing it’s best to contribute to the success of those that choose to take the ever so frightening journey into entrepreneurship.