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We’re a Sydney-based mobile app & technology consultancy that partners with startups during their inception phase. Our aim is to help our clients de-risk their business models by offering services like R&D grant applications, fast prototyping, customer discovery, and mobile app development.

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Why Us?

Each step of the development journey, from understanding your vision to viral growth, will be engineered by experts to reduce your personal risk and maximize your chances of success. Since we are startup entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the importance of managing risk when launching a business. We will help you position your ideas in order to take full advantage of the generous grants offered in Australia, and help you validate your assumptions to reach product-market fit faster.

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Co-Founder/CTO at Quivers

"The Neap team is truly exceptional, both from engineering and business perspectives. Fused with extensive technical knowledge across most major coding platforms and frameworks, the Neap team has gone above-and-beyond for helping Quivers reach our goals while positioning us for long-term business success."

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What Inspires Us

Working With The Most Passionate People

We love working with people who have the drive, imagination and audacity to think they can change the world. These are our kind of people. We’ve been working in the startup scene for the last 4 years and have been inspired by countless stories of hacks, successes and valiant failures.

Disrupting the Status Quo

The startup scene is one of the most highly competitive environments your business can operate in. There is no room for mediocrity. There is no room for chance. Our decisions are always driven by what’s best for your business.

Little Beginnings to Big Successes

Every idea starts from zero but has the potential to make an incredible impact. The ups and downs of failing fast are intense and draining - and we’re with you every step of the way. Your success is our bottom line.

Latest News

Tech. Debt

How You Can Leverage Technical Debt & Why You Should

Published on January 19th 2016

Technical Debt has always been a hot topic in the tech community, but it is also becoming a great asset for founders during the early stages of their startup.

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Do Your Due Diligence Mother Fucker — Knowledge Crunching in Your Startup

Published on January 3rd 2016

Fail fast does not mean you must stupidly fail 1 million times in order to converge to success! With all the focus on the Lean Startup methodology, a lot of young entrepreneurs forget that market research, competitive landscape analysis, and pitching your idea at networking events are the leanest way to de-risk your business idea before jumping into the Build-Measure-Learn gospel.

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Cargo Cult

A Very Bad Start For Your Company — The Cargo Cult Anti-Pattern

Published on December 16th 2015

Most entrepreneurs will fail. This is just a fact! The cargo cult is the most common bad habit we keep seeing in early-stage startups, especially with founders from big enterprise backgrounds.

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